Friday, April 1, 2011

Arrived in Oklahoma City

We had the windshield wipers on as we got underway this morning, but the rain didn’t last long.  The clouds moved out and we had sunshine for most of our drive west from Fort Smith to Oklahoma City.

The road surface on I-40 gets a mixed review today.  Much of the drive was on new pavement--very nice.  However, there were two areas of construction where the west bound lanes got to share the east bound lanes.  The traffic moved along at about 55 mph, so there were really no delays.  Much of the road, at least west bound, needs work.  There were several areas that were very rough and it was especially bad through Oklahoma City.

We arrived at Rockwell RV Park about 2:30 and got settled into our site.  This is the first “full service” park we’ve been to in a long time.  We have it all--water, electric, sewer, cable, and free WiFi.  There is also a heated indoor pool and a laundry facility.  The interior roads are paved, but everything else is gravel--what’s not road is covered with gravel.  The RV Park is very close to I-40, but from our site we don’t notice the traffic noise too much.

Our friends from Maine (Maineiacs in Motion), Mike and Peggy, whom we first met in St. Augustine last winter, pulled into the park about an hour later.  We had an uneventful travel day; they did not.  It’s his story to tell and I’m sure he’s busy writing it right now with all the details.  I’m just going to say it was a miracle his motor home didn’t get hit, or his car didn’t hit anyone else, or that they weren’t on the interstate driving 60 mph when his tow bar broke loose from his car.

The front end of Mike's car

We were very glad to see them and have been looking forward to this visit.  Of course, it’s has taken quite a bit of alcohol to get Mike’s nerves under control.  After a couple hours of conversation at our home, we moved over to one of the chain restaurants on the other side of the interstate from the RV Park for dinner.  We hope to do a little sightseeing with them.  Their priority right now, of course, is to get their car towable again.  We’ll see what kind of schedule evolves.

Piece he is carrying in his car

We’re going to be here for at least 4 days.  We have several things we want to see/do including the capitol building, the National Memorial, and the Cowboy Museum. I bet we go to the Cowboy Museum tomorrow.

I think that’s it for today.  Thanks for tagging along.

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