Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

We had a very enjoyable day with Mike and Peggy.  Our destination was the Cowboy Museum.  Lucky for us, this was the first weekend of the month and Bank of America sponsors free weekends at many museums around the country.  All you have to do for free admission is provide proof of a Bank of America account and ID.  In Oklahoma City there are two museums on the Bank of America list--the Cowboy Museum and the Art Museum.  For the Cowboy Museum we saved $25.  Sweet!!

Coming Through The Rye

We were not disappointed in our choice.  Even I enjoyed our day and Gene was in heaven.  There were exhibits on every aspect of the American West, especially the cowboys, both real and fictional.

Bill Cody
Gene was so excited about the cowboys that I remembered seeing a couple pictures of him as a child dressed up in his little cowboy outfit.  I couldn’t find the main one I was looking for, but found several others.  One thing quickly became very clear--he got something cowboy every Christmas.

How can there be anything else for today.  Thanks for tagging along.

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