Monday, April 11, 2011

Being Towed Saves on Fuel

We are thinking every positive thought we can come up with.

We were up and at um this morning.  Normally, I don’t do much about putting stuff away.  Oh, sure, I put the pictures away, and move the hand soup and lotion to the bathroom sink, and toss a few things in the kitchen sink, but I don’t worry about the toaster and coffee pot, or even the napkin basket on the table.  Things ride pretty well in our RV.  Today, however, I knew our tow truck driver would be driving a lot faster than we do and the front in would be sticking up at a nice angle.  I secured everything I could think of and it took a while.

Ford MH emergency service called right at the stroke of 8 AM and kept us posted throughout the morning on progress he was making finding a Ford service center which met all the Ford MH criteria.  They finally found a dealership in Colorado Springs which could take us today.  We were all hitched up and on the road by 11.

Our same tow truck driver we had yesterday was back this morning to take care of us.  He did another outstanding job today.  Halfway through our drive to Colorado Springs he pulled off the interstate.   We were nervous something had gone wrong, but he was only checking to be sure all his hook ups were still hooked up.

The service representative who will be taking care of our job met us in the parking lot at the service center.  That has never happened in all the years of having cars and trucks serviced.  We were impressed.  He took Gene right in and got everything filled out.  He even looked up hotel phone numbers for us.  We were using the Exit Now guide so we knew what lodging was in the area.  We were on our way to a motel within 30 minutes.

One of our main concerns for today was to have the drive shaft accompany us to the service facility.  We had notes to ourselves all over the RV and every time anybody called about the RV we mentioned the drive shaft.  I am happy to report that RV and drive shaft have been reunited.

To add a little spice to our morning, the air compressor failed.  Gene has always been diligent to monitor the air pressure in the tires and today was no different.  He especially wanted to be sure the pressure was correct on the rear tires since they would be rolling down the highway at 70 mph instead of our normal 60.  The compressor was not filling the tires even though t was running.  The thingy that attaches to the valve stem was not working properly and instead of putting air in the tire, it was allowing air to escape.  We really needed air in one tire then.  That resulted in another emergency service call to inform the towing service to bring along an air compressor.

We got settled in our motel room.  Peanut was scared and hid under the bed for a long time.  He finally got brave enough to come out and have his dinner.  Gene went off to Lowes to purchase a new air compressor.

It wasn’t long before I noticed ants in the room.  That’s not a good sign, especially with Peanut’s food out.  While we were deciding whether to ask for ant bait or have someone come spray, the toilet overflowed.  We spent the next 30 minutes moving to another room.

We haven’t slept out of our RV in a long time.  Just finding a suitcase was a challenge.  I had packed my stuff in Wal-Mart bags until Gene finally found the suitcase.  I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.  It’s hard to remember all the stuff you need when you are used to having everything you own with you.  The bed bug thing is a real concern, but I’m not thinking about that other than to check the beds and try to keep our stuff in a safe place.  After all, that’s not a positive thought.

The service representative says they still don’t know what the problem is.  We have oil, and plenty of it, and we have oil pressure.  That’s all good.  They have determined it is not the oil pump, which is very good.  They also determined it is not the electronic sender, which is what we were hoping it would be.  They’ll continue their search and call us tomorrow.

So here we are in a motel in Colorado Springs with snow-capped mountains out our window.  It turned out to be a beautiful day, by the way.  It was very cold last night--down to about 25.  We even got a couple snow flakes yesterday afternoon and a fresh layer of snow was on the mountain tops this morning.

That’s about all I know today.  Thanks for tagging along

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