Monday, July 12, 2010

Truck Repairs

That time has come again--the time to take the truck for service.  It seems like it rolls around all too often.  Then again, being in travel mode twelve months a year, we put a lot of miles on the truck.

Gene drove over to Litchfield this morning to the Ford dealership.  About mid-morning the phone rang and when I answered he said he had “bad news and bad news”.  Now, I’m no expert on truck stuff, but this didn’t sound good.  I asked for the bad news first and indeed it was bad news--there is a leak in the fuel tank.  I really couldn’t think of anything to say so he went on with the bad news.  There is also an exhaust leak where the pipe (or whatever gizmo) comes out of (or is attached to) the engine.  Again, I couldn’t quite think of anything to say so he went on with the bad news.  Apparently, our truck is just riddled with holes because there is an oil leak at the base of the engine.  He came home a couple hours later after renting a car from Enterprise.

The good news is we get to drive a little car for a few days while the truck is repaired and our bank account is drained.  Speaking of draining things, I wonder what will happen to that almost full tank of diesel fuel.

There really is some good news in all this--all the engine stuff is still under warranty.  To fix the oil leak the engine has to be dropped and, naturally, all the oil drained so we won’t have to pay for the oil change.  Still, with the new fuel tank and the other 90,000 mile scheduled maintenance items, we get to cough up well over $2,000.  That’s plenty, thank you.

This evening we’re recovering from the shock.  Tomorrow, we’ll go for a nice, long hike to get the blood flowing again.

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