Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Waterfalls Hike

We have another day of almost perfect weather.  It was a little chilly when we got up this morning with temps in the low 50s.  At least that is what our thermometer read.  The weather forecast said 45.  All I know is it was cool enough inside to turn on the fireplace.    By 9 AM it was very pleasant outside and has remained in the low 70s for the rest of the day.

Gordon Falls

We did another short, easy hike this morning.  We wanted waterfalls today, so Gene selected Fallsway which follows Snyder Brook upstream past 3 waterfalls in less than a mile.  The trailhead is located at a large parking lot which serves several trails to Mt Madison and Mt Adams.  Since the weather was almost perfect for a high peaks hike, the parking lot was full and running over.  We turned around and came back a mile to a small lot and walked that extra mile along the greenway.  It worked out just fine.

Snyder Brook

We hiked up Fallsway trail along the west bank of Snyder Brook past Gordon, Lower and Upper Salroc, and Tama Falls.  There was plenty of water in the brook, but not nearly as much as in the spring and early summer.  Still, all the falls were running pretty good, except the Lower Salroc.

Tama Falls

We were glad for the low water level when we had to cross Snyder Brook for our return hike along the east bank--Brookbank Trail.

Upper Salroc Falls

We strolled along taking our time and making photos, but we were still back at the truck shortly after noon.

As we passed through downtown Gorham, we spotted a couple thru-hikers.  We picked up Boston and Moonpie for a ride to Pinkham Notch.  At Pinkham Notch, Kiwi was looking for a ride to Gorham, so we brought him back to town.  Glad we were able to help these hikers out.  I’m especially glad to have met Kiwi.  He’s getting off the trail here.  He has lymes disease and will not be able to finish the trial before he must return to New Zealand.

A few places along the creeks were better than the falls

We finally got home for lunch and are going to take it easy for the rest of the day.

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