Friday, July 30, 2010

Pine Mountain

Boy, were we ever lazy hikers today.  When Gene asked me what I wanted to do today, I said an easy hike.  I think he may have found the easiest hike in the White Mountains.

Our trail for today
On top of Pine Mountain is a church camp.  Although the road is closed to the public, they invite hikers to stroll on up the hill.  The reason anyone would want to go up there is for the magnificent view from “pulpit rock”.

So we pulled on our hiking boots, stuffed a ham and cheese sandwich in our packs, and we were off.  It was definitely an easy hike up a gentle grade to Horton Center, the church camp.  There was no traffic on the road so I was a little surprised to find people at the camp--a lot of people.  I shouldn’t have been surprised; after all it is summer and where do kids go in summer.

Main building at Horton Center
We found our way out to pulpit rock and the view was indeed magnificent.  We sat on the rock admiring the view and trying to pick out the mountains around using our topo map.  After about 20 minutes, a small group of kids with their leader came up for an activity.  We had to leave.  Oh well, it was a great spot, even for a little while.

A short walk up and a short walk back to the truck and we were home by early afternoon.  Now that’s pretty lazy hiking.

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