Sunday, July 25, 2010

Immersed In Nature

After our long hike yesterday, I wanted something short and easy for today.  I studied the maps and finally found a trail that didn’t go uphill.  It was a very short piece of the AT across the road from Pinkham Notch Visitor Center.  It was most appealing because at the half-mile mark was a pond.  That’s what I wanted--a level trail with a pond.  With rain in the forecast for the afternoon, we headed out right after breakfast.

A beaver dam
The hike was very nice.  There were many photo opportunities along the way and we were able to find a large flat rock which offered the perfect place to sit and enjoy our surroundings.

Lost Pond, the largest pond we saw today
We got one big surprise along the way.  I heard hikers coming up behind me, so I stepped off the trail to let them pass.  When I got situated where I wouldn’t fall, I looked up and low and behold it was Bowtie and Samurai.  We gave these two thru-hikers a ride into Waynesboro when we were there in May.  We had seen them again at Trial Days in Damascus, but that was also in May.  We had a short chat with them, then they continued North on the trail.  They looked good after 1800 miles.  Good luck to them.

View from our perch on the rock

So our day was filled with blessings--the opportunity to enjoy the creation and the opportunity to reunite with old acquaintances.

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