Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today has been a relaxing day at home.  We each have had odd and end things to go around the house, and Gene has run a few errands.  Certainly, nothing exciting enough to write home about.
Snow Plant, Indian Pipe family, lacks chlorophyll
I have spent much of the day working with my photos, both old and new.  I am still trying to get everything organized on the Apple. In going through photos taken on the trail over the past few weeks, I realized I haven’t shared some of the wildflowers we have seen.  I make the pictures, but often don’t know what the flower is.  We scour the internet and our flower books to identify what we have seen.  That sometimes will take several days and by that time I forget that those photos haven’t been posted.
Western Peony.  Top is yellow

Underside is red.  Grows with its head down

So, here are a few “wildflowers of the day” from past hikes.

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