Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rest for Tired Muscles

Yesterday turned into a much needed rest day for us.  We both pretty much just lazed around letting our poor leg muscles recover from the beating we gave them on Thursday.

Even though the tops of my legs are still a little sore, I was ready to hit the trail again this morning.  We drove up Kingsbury Grade and hiked for a couple miles along the Tahoe Rim trail, sat on a log for a break, then headed back to the truck.  It was cold this morning--cold enough for gloves and ear muffs.  And we had thick cloud cover all morning.  Despite the gloomy weather, there were several souls on the trail, either on foot or on bicycles.  The direction we were hiking led to “the bench” after 7 miles, and, like we have already discovered, that is a popular destination.  It is farther from this trailhead, but an easier hike because there is not so much elevation gain.  The trailhead is at 7600 feet instead of the 7200 at Spooner Lake.  No wonder it was cold.  We got back to the car just as the sprinkles started.

This short hike was just what we needed for today.  Just enough to stretch our legs a bit and hopefully work out most of the residual soreness.

We plan to relax this afternoon.  I need to think about what we are going to eat next week and work on a grocery list.  After Gene gets his shower, he will have the opportunity to spend some time with the sewer system.

As I have been sitting here writing this entry, I have watched as one right after another RV has come into the campground.  When we first got here the park was nearly full.  Over the past couple weeks, however, occupancy seems to be very low.  The owner said it is the worst year in 7 or 8 years.  A sign of the times, I guess.  Hopefully, business will pick up for him.

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