Friday, February 3, 2012

More FMCA Fun

The fun continues here in central Florida.  The weather has been just perfect for the rally.  That was a big concern for us, but we needn’t have worried.  An RV is somewhat like your car; sitting in full sun, it can heat up in a hurry.  Although cats love to be warm, locked up in a sweat box isn’t healthy.  Parked on a runway in full sun, 80 degree temperatures each day, and no electricity to run the AC was a concern.

The temperatures have been in the low 80s each day and we are definitely in full sun, but there has been a wonderful breeze flowing through our open windows to keep the air inside moving and more comfortable than it would have been otherwise.  Plus, we were parked with our awning side to the afternoon sun.  The breeze wasn’t so strong that we couldn’t deploy the awning to keep the sun off the side of the coach.  Things have worked out great.

There are a few renovations we’d like to make in our small motorhome so we’ve been attending the renovations and upgrade seminars.  There have been three; all pretty much the same but presented by different vendors.  If your can dream it (and pay for it), you can do it.  There is no job to small or too large--the sky is the limit.

We have a couple things in mind.  One, which happens to be the most popular renovation of all is removing the carpet and installing new flooring of some type.  The new vinyl tiles are attractive, easy to care for, light weight, and don’t cost an arm and a leg. The other thing on our list of changes is to get rid of the sofa and have some type of computer desk installed along with a Euro chair.  We’re still rolling that idea around in our minds because the sofa is our second bed which we use from time to time, especially when one of us is sick.  Plus, it has a huge amount of storage underneath.  It’s gonna take a lot of hard thinking to give up storage.  Anyway, we learned what we are thinking about is possible, got a few other ideas, and all three seminars were well presented.

Gene also went to a seminar on fixing stuff with glue.  In the hiking world, duct tape is the fix it medium of choice.  There is a saying out there that 80% of all problems can be solved with duct tape.  It’s hard to convert a duct taper to glue and Gene was just not impressed.

The big rally event for Thursday was the parade.  All parade elements were present--color guard, fire truck (in this case an ATV), candy throwing (along with a few Mardi Gras beads), old cars, and horses.  That was fun.

After the parade, Tony and Diana came by and we drove into Brooksville for dinner.  From dinner, the day went downhill rapidly.  The low tire pressure monitor light came on in the car.  Gene pulled into the nearest parking lot to check the air pressure.  Down to 12 pounds in the front driver’s side tire.  He opted to change the tire instead of calling for roadside assistance.  The changing went well, of course, because he had many helpers.  Tony, Diana, and I had loads of fun; Gene not so much.

This morning he took the flat tire in to be repaired.  It was the same tire that was damaged on the Dempster Highway in Yukon last summer.  Now there are two patches in that tire.  At least the changing of the tire was in a clean, well lit parking lot, not on the side of a gravel road 300 miles from civilization with grizzly bears roaming around in the woods.

That’s it for today.  Thanks for tagging along.


  1. Glad you guys are having fun. I like the idea of tiles instead of carpet...easier to keep clean.
    Gene, do't let them get the best of you...LOL