Thursday, February 2, 2012


The rally got into full swing yesterday.  There has been plenty of activity on our runway.  So much so that this morning when we went out we were surprised to see motorhomes stretching along both sides almost to the end of the pavement.  There are three runways being used for parking.  If they’re all as full as ours, there’s a crowd here.  However, most people who mention the crowd in conversation seem to think attendance is down.

We start our days off with free coffee and donuts.  As you might imagine, that’s a popular place in the early morning.  While coffee and donuts are being served, the Frustrated Maestros perform.  We sip our coffee while we listen to the performance.  The problem with that is that you have your coffee in one hand and your donut in the other.  If you have a powdered donut, powder gets everywhere.  This morning, I had powder from the tip of my nose all the way down the front of my navy blue shirt and on down to my shoes.  At least they were white.  Then I had no hand to brush it off with.  We noticed there were little puddles of powder on the chairs and all around the floor.  By Saturday, it’s gonna be a real mess around here.
Coffee and donut tent
Gene is onto electricity.  He had that multimeter class with Mike last week and he attended the Basic RV Electricity seminar yesterday.  He’s spent more time talking with the RV medic about electricity than anyone else.  He bought the book and read all about it last night.  We may not learn anything else at this rally, but we’re gonna have electricity down pat.  He did report that the seminar was very good.
The Frustrated Maestros is composed of the band

And the singers.

We spent much of the morning today walking through new and used RVs for sale.  We’re not interested in another RV, but I like to look at what’s out there.  Gene does it because I want to.  There were a couple of well used coaches that were fun to go into.  One was a 1976 GMC.  Restoration had begun, but there was still plenty to do.  The $20K price tag was attractive, though.  My favorite was a 1994 Prevost.  It has been very well cared for, only about 50,000 miles and a price tag of a mere $119K.  Sweet.
1976 GMC

Inside the 1994 Prevost

Just pretending.

We’re parked about as far away as we can be from the seminar and vendor tents.  It’s not a problem and we’re enjoying the walk.  There are golf carts and shuttle busses running constantly, so getting a ride is easy.  Yesterday afternoon Gene was walking back from the seminar and must have looked pathetic because the “handicapped” cart stopped to give him a lift.  I thought that was pretty funny until this morning when the same cart stopped to give us both a lift.

Strolling the vendor tent
That’s it for now.  Thanks for tagging along.


  1. I knew that new multimeter was going to get some use!!

  2. Nice Prevost! Narrow, though. No slides??

    Mike and Dee

    1. Mike and Dee, Prevost are so far out of our price range that I haven't paid much attention to them. However, what little I have noticed, I don't think I've ever seen one with a slide. Of the total of three I've been in there was so much chrome, glass, and mirrors on the inside, it gave the feel of spacious.

  3. nice deal on the Prevost..just imagine what it cost brand new??..and by the way you are only as old as you feel!