Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Down Side of Hiking

Today, Gene and I are suffering from what I think is a major down side of hiking--bug bites.  We seemed to have been bitten more yesterday than on any of our hikes this winter.

Yesterday was warm and sticky--temperatures in the mid to upper 70s and very high humidity.  The slight breezes we’ve enjoyed on previous hikes were absent yesterday.  All in all, a great day for mosquitoes.  We got stabbed numerous times.

The trail we hiked yesterday is lightly traveled.  Grass was growing over the trail in many areas.  It had been mowed so wasn’t an overgrown trail, but grassy nonetheless.  Our lower legs are just covered with chigger bites.  We’re thinking all that grass is a good place for the chiggers to set up housekeeping.

Of course, the main line of defense for these pesky biters is Deet.  I just hate Deet and avoid using it, if at all possible.  Yesterday, the mosquitoes were so bad I sprayed my hands and arms.  Since I was wearing long pants, I didn’t bother with spraying my legs.  Big mistake.  Deet may have helped prevent some of those chigger bites.
Sunset out my window from a few days ago.

We have a whole new look in our campground.  The winds are blowing around here with gusts of about 30 mph.  Nearly everyone has stowed their awnings, lawn chairs are tucked under slides, and patio decorations are squirreled away in safe places.  About the only thing left out are flags of various types flapping in the breeze.

We’ve had a few brief showers, some heavier than others, but the sun is out now with blue skies overhead.  It feels like the humidity is a lot lower, as well.  Things are shaping up to be a great afternoon to sit outside.

Otherwise, we’ve had a quiet day around the old home place.  Cooler weather tomorrow should be nice for hiking.

That’s it for today.  Thanks for tagging along.


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  2. What a great picture. Sorry about the bites.

  3. have 'fun' being itchy!! scratching!!