Saturday, August 28, 2010

Staying Connected

We had a glorious day yesterday, weather-wise.  This may be the place to be in August.

We had a few chores on our “to do” list, but took time out for an easy walk along the Presidential Range Rail Trail.  We did the same section we had done a couple weeks ago, but went just a little farther.  We wanted to see the long since abandoned mineral spring and bottling plant we had heard about.

The old plant was so well hidden in the trees, we almost missed it even though it was only a few feet off the trail.  My brief Google search didn’t reveal anything about the old business.  Gene looked around for the mineral spring, but found no evidence of that.  Signs were posted to stay out of the building as it wasn’t safe.  Truly, there was a lot of broken glass everywhere.  It was cool to just sorta poke around and think about what once was.

Our biggest treat yesterday was getting a MiFi device.  It seems like most of the campgrounds we’ve stayed in this year have had no (or limited) WiFi service.  That’s also true of TV, so we’ve used the internet more for entertainment as a result.  It’s difficult to coordinate our schedules to accommodate sharing the air card.  Verizon (and perhaps others) now has a small device which acts as an airport to connect as many as five computers simultaneously.  We heard about this earlier in the year, but waited to purchase until our air card contract expired.  That way we got a rebate for renewing.  We ended up paying only $20 for the $150 gadget.  So far, it’s great.

Today, we’re off to Topsham, Maine to visit with friends Darrell, Judy, Mike, and Peggy.  They promised free seafood and we know there will be lots of laughs and great conversation.  We’re anxious to see our friends again, even if it’s only for the afternoon.

Since I promised dessert, I better get busy.

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