Thursday, August 12, 2010

Androscoggin River

Well, this has certainly been a lazy day.  We had very fine weather and it would have been a great day to hike, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  This morning, sitting in the recliner, sipping coffee won the battle.  The day wasn’t a total lose; we did get a few things done--some of which needed to be done.

We don’t expect to hear from our hiking friends.  I’m sure they enjoyed their night at Mizpah hut and today was just about perfect for going over Mt Pierce, Mt Eisenhower, and Mt Monroe.  I hope they got to Lake of the Clouds Hut before the clouds moved in.  That is such a spectacular view from up there.

This evening after dinner, we drove back toward Gorham just a couple miles to a pull off on the side of US 2 which is on the bank of the Androscoggin River.  I was hoping for some good sunset photos.  I look with envy at the fabulous sunset pictures posted on some of the blogs I follow.  It seems like our campgrounds are never in prime spots for sunsets.  At this one, for example, we are so shrouded in trees that we can barely see the sky at all.  So this evening we went for a more open space.  The best shots were taken just before the sun went behind the mountain.  After that, the clouds were so heavy and dark, the colors couldn’t shine through.  Oh well, there’s always another night.

We’re uncertain of our plan for tomorrow.  Just have to see what the day brings.

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