Monday, August 16, 2010

A Day for Cooking

Holy cow, have there been some good smells coming from the kitchen today.  It’s been a long time since I spent the day in the kitchen, but the weather forecast wasn’t all that great for today and so cooking seemed like the thing to do.  Besides, we were out of cookies.  In addition to the cookies, I made brownies, spaghetti sauce, and granola bars.  That ought to tide us over for a day or two.

Since a nap won over a walk yesterday afternoon, we started today with a couple laps around the campground.  We rushed out right after breakfast because there was a break in the rain.  We got in about a 40 minute walk without getting wet.  As it turned out, the rain was basically past by that time, so we wouldn’t have gotten wet and had a little more sunshine if we’d waited until later.

Gene spent the day with his new computer.  He’s still trying to get everything set up.  Today, he completed the time consuming tasks of backing up his data files and making backup system disks.  He had the opportunity to talk to a geek about a problem he was having downloading Adobe Reader.  The geek wasn’t much help.  He suggested Gene call Adobe Help Desk and was able to supply the telephone number.  Gene called, but there was a very long wait time, so he decided to put that task off for another day.

Yesterday was a very productive day.  Gene was busy taking care of issues for our hiking buddies.  First, was the iodine mess.  Herb uses iodine to purify his water, but he carries only a very small dropper bottle at a time.  To refill his small bottle, he had packed a large bottle of iodine in his duffle bag.  That large bottle leaked sometime between last Tuesday and Saturday.  Thank goodness it was in a plastic bag, or we would have had a real bad mess.

After Gene got the iodine squared away, we went to a couple motels in Gorham.  Herb and Dwight need a room for a couple nights.  We wanted to see a room before making a reservation for them.  You have to really be careful in trail towns.  Many motels cater to the hikers who are used to sleeping in the rodent ridden shelters.  The young hikers will just sleep anywhere, especially if it’s cheap.  The more mature hikers look for establishments with a little higher standard. Hope they like what we selected.  They’ll probably like the sauna, but I doubt they’ll use the weight room much.

With the chores for them taken care of, we then went to the grocery and then to get fuel for the truck.  No wonder we needed a nap in the afternoon.

So that’s it for today.  Not much going on here.

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