Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Shuttle Run to Buchanan, VA

This morning, our friends from Nashville arrived.  Zvi and Diane (Diane, or D-Tour, was my hiking partner on the AT in 2008) are doing a section on the AT from Jennings Creek to Rockfish Gap.  This is the same section Gene and I just finished.  We offered to give them a shuttle down to their starting point.

We were so glad to see these friends and catch up on what’s happening with them as well as mutual friends.  As you can imagine, we could hardly catch our breath for the talking going on.

They wanted to drop off a box of food for the second half of their hike at the Dutch Haus B & B in Montebello.  I was glad to get to see this place.  We have heard several hikers talk about the free food at Dutch Haus.  It is located about 2 miles from the trail, but many hikers walk that distance for the free lunch which is served to thru-hikers every day during the months of May and June.  What a generous host.  Many hikers stay overnight (the hiker rate is very reasonable), but most head back up to the trail after lunch (2 more miles).

Montebello is located just 2 miles east of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I’m sure that’s where the Dutch Haus gets most of its business--folks traveling the Parkway.  But in spring, it is all the talk on the Appalachian Trail for miles around.

We stopped for a sandwich in Buchanan before dropping Diane and Zvi at the trail.  When they got out of the truck and put on their packs, I had a fleeting urge to dig out my backpack.  It passed quickly, however, when I remembered there’s no shower at the shelter.

We wish them a fun and safe trip.

Back home, we still had lots to do.  Tomorrow morning, at the crack of dawn, we’re heading for Nashville.  Gotta get a granddaughter fix.  We’re not taking the RV, so had to pack a suitcase again.  Of course, I had to do laundry before I could pack.  We’re only going to be gone for the weekend, but I can’t believe how much stuff I have piled up to go in the truck.  It is so much easier to just hitch up and go.

That’s all for today.  Tomorrow--a road trip.

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