Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Busy Weekend

We feel like we have been on the go since the moment we arrived in Nashville.  Maybe that’s because we have been.  A weekend is just not enough time for a visit with family.

Yesterday, we spent a wonderful afternoon with Jack, Ansley, and Kayley.  Gene and I got to babysit while Jack and Ansley ran a quick errand.  That was fun.  Kayley was a little fussy for some reason, but finally got over it, took a nap, and was a sweet little angel for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

We went to dinner at a new place for Gene and I--the Black-eyed Pea in Hendersonville.  They offer a variety of good ole American cooking including burgers, steak, and chicken.  We all ordered from the traditional home cooking section of the menu.  Ansley recommended the chicken pot pie which was very good.  Gene had roast turkey and dressing and Jack chose pot roast.  All was yummy as were the fried pickles which we started with.

Today, we divided forces to conquer what seemed to be more than we could handle.  Gene went back to spend the afternoon with Jack, Ansley, and Kayley while I stayed at my parents primarily to tend to the Peanut.  Of course, I had the added benefit of a few extra hours to visit with my mom.

Peanut is a special needs cat and requires a little extra effort.  He’s deaf and gets nervous when in unfamiliar surroundings.  He has done exceptionally well this weekend after spending 11 hours in his travel crate Friday.  We’ve tried to keep him confined to the bedroom and bath, but he gets lonely, then nervous, when he can’t find Gene or I.  Since he is prone to biting and scratching, I’m uncomfortable leaving him alone with my mother who has paper thin skin.  He also has a very bad habit of pushing stuff in the floor when he thinks it’s his meal time.  There is just too much delicate, breakable stuff in this house for a pet of any sort, much less one who enjoys watching it fall.  I decided it might be best to spare myself the worry, save my mother’s skin, and protect the family heirlooms by staying with my cat.

Now, we are looking forward to dinner out with my folks before packing up the suitcase for our return trip to Virginia tomorrow.

It has been a good weekend and we have enjoyed seeing our immediate family.  It was the best we could do at this particular time, but it is just not enough time to see all those we would have liked.

Tomorrow, bright and early, we’ll head northeast.  I can tell you, we are not looking forward to that long drive.

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