Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oak Mountain State Park in Review

This was our last full day at Oak Mountain and I wanted to say just a couple of other things about the park.  We came to hike and hike we did.  We were very pleased with the trail system and the condition of the trails.  There are over 50 miles of trail in the park.  The bike trail and the horse trail we left for their respective users.

One thing that I haven’t mentioned at all is the number of geocaches here.  There are over 55 in the park.  We’re not geocache people, so weren’t interested in trying to find any, but we did stumble upon one during one of our hikes.  In the interest of keeping the location a secret and not giving away any clues, I left that part out of my earlier posts.  Now that there’s no way to tell where this cache is located, I’ll show you what we found.    That was just a little extra treat one day.

So, we have been very impressed with this park, both with the facilities and the staff, and have enjoyed our stay.  We anticipate returning many times in the future.

Yesterday, I mentioned being a type A personality.  I like to make lists because I like the organization and structure it gives to my tasks.  As a type A I don’t do so well with unscheduled events.  We had one today that sent my little step 1, step 2, step 3 mind into a frenzy.  As I came in the door from putting the last load of laundry in the drying, Gene said, “we have a problem”.  Those are never good words to hear.

The problem was a tire issue.  We’re planning to leave tomorrow and Gene was checking air pressure this morning when he discovered that our front passenger side tire on the motor home was 40 lbs low on air pressure.  Unable to imagine any reason why the tire would have lost that much pressure during this week other than a leak, he called around to find a place to fix the tire.  He finally settled on Don’s Tire about 10 miles from here.  Of course, we had to take the tire to them, so we packed everything up, unhooked our life support, and drove on over to Don’s.  Tim (Don was out doing other stuff) was unable to find anything wrong with the tire.  So far today it has maintained its pressure.  What a mystery.

That little episode took a couple hours out of my day so I didn’t get to mark off nearly as much stuff from those lists as I’d hoped.  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

My Maineiac friend, Mike, was wondering if his name appeared on the “naughty” list.  Let me just say that I’m not the keeper of that list, nor the “nice” list.  I suspect everyone knows on which of those lists their name might appear.  Just remember, Santa is always watching.

That’s it for tonight.  Thanks for tagging along.


  1. well you know Judy better to find a low tire now rather than on the side of a busy interstate!!!..keep making those lists!..Santa is watching!!

  2. After the third time I said that I'd hoped Bill could meet you while we were in Nashville, he said, "you know, it's probably not the last time we'll ever have an opportunity to meet," so I took that as a enough already remark!! LOL! I loved that you got to write the hiking narrative for the park and got some perks thrown in.

    On our drive home yesterday, our tire pressure monitoring system light on the car randomly came on. We stopped at the next exit, couldn't see anything and when we got back in the car, it did not come back on. That's never happened before. Do you think our car wanted to see your rig again???