Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Easy Day

Even with a good night’s sleep we weren’t too perky this morning, so it felt real good to sit around sipping coffee, leisurely going about morning chores, and just enjoying the beginning of another beautiful day.  Midmorning we drove over to Publix to pick up a few things I forgot on my last grocery outing and on the way home we filled up the car and got a sandwich at Chick-fil-A.

Early this morning I made a pan of brownies for those guys that worked so hard on our electrical disaster.  We drove over to deliver brownies to the work camper on our way to the grocery, but as it turned out he is off for the rest of the week and is out of the park until Sunday.  Then we started looking for the maintenance guy.  We found the maintenance department over by the golf course and just pulled into the parking lot.  Gene asked the first person he saw.  That person turned out to be supervisor and knew exactly where our man could be found--in the campground.
Very nice section of the Yellow Trail as it passes
 through a forest of long leaf pine.

We couldn’t let this beautiful day get by without going for a short hike.  After lunch we walked over to the Yellow trail just past the entrance to the campground.  This short piece of the Yellow Trail goes right down to the North Trailhead parking lot.  We continued on the Yellow Trail until it intersected with the White Trail.  We came back on the White trail even though we had hiked this section of the White Trail just yesterday.  It made a very nice 3-mile loop and we didn’t have to drive the car to a trailhead.  How convenient is that?
These posts are all along the trails at quarter mile intervals.
They make it easy to tell how far you've come and how
far you have to go.

Being back at the parking lot where that nice changing booth is located, I just had to make a photo. I hope this idea catches on at trailhead all across America.
I just love this.

It looks like this great weather is going to hold out for one more day.  Can’t waste that, so will probably hike the south end of the Blue and White trails tomorrow.  It’ll be another 7 mile day, but this end of the trail doesn’t climb as much nor as steeply as the north end.

That’s all for today.  Thanks for tagging along.

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  1. nice to have change room..instead of struggling in the car trying to get the wet clothes and socks off!!!