Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friends and Family

It’s hard to believe we’re at the end of the weekend already.  I guess that’s strange to say since we’re retired and one day ought to be pretty much like any of the other days of the week.  For us, though, the weekends are different, at least while we’re in Nashville.

Saturday is a good day to connect with friends who are still working.  Yesterday, we met with long time friends, Doug and Dianna, for a hike at Beaman Park.  Doug and Dianna are fellow Tennessee Trails members and for years we’ve enjoyed their company on the trail, at the monthly and annual meetings, and at the newsletter party.  During the year when we’re out of town, we miss hiking with them or socializing over dinner.  With busy schedules it’s taken this long for us to get together this fall.  One of the disadvantages of the full-time RV lifestyle is losing the close association we have with good hometown friends.

After our morning hike, we spent the rest of the day marking off things on our chore list.  Laundry was the big one for me.  Gene had run the vacuum and dusted before I got home on Thursday, so the house was in pretty good shape.  I worked on my list of monthly chores--vacuum the upholstery, clean out the grooves where the windows slide,  and wash Peanut’s blankets.  I also got to clean the carpet where I spilt a coke.

Sunday is usually the best day to visit with Jack and Ansley and get a little granddaughter time.  We went over to their home for a couple hours this afternoon.  Kayley had just gotten up from her nap and was ready to play.  We took advantage of the nice weather and took our play time outside.

Our campground is pretty full this weekend, but most will be gone tomorrow.  Weekend occupancy is largely dependent on which ball teams are playing in town.  This weekend both Vanderbilt and the Tennessee Titans were playing at home--thus a crowded campground.  We are also starting to see the snowbird migration with several rigs from Ontario and even one from Newfoundland.

We’re getting a little anxious to move south ourselves.  After the rains last week, the temperatures have dropped considerably.  We’re now waking up to temps in the 30s and had frost on Friday night.  There’s nothing much better than a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly morning.

I'm going to start the process of moving my old Trip Journal posts over to Blogger.  Not sure how that's going to work and not sure if they'll show up in your readers as new posts.  Guess I'll just have to try it and see what happens.

Hope you’ve had a good weekend.  That’s all for now.  Thanks for tagging along.


  1. I'm not one for hot beverages, but that hot chocolate could change my mind! :)

  2. That's not hot chocolate...that's a scrumptious looking dessert!
    Good to meet up with long time friends and spend time together and better to have some granddaughter time. Glad the weekend was good for you guys!

  3. save some hot chocolate for me!..looks yummy!!..
    I have started moving some of my entries over from the trip journal was easy with Live can adjust the publish date so at least it will be chronological..the bigger issue for me was saving all the pictures and then adding them to the post!..that is what took the time..15 done ..only 60+ left to do!