Friday, October 21, 2011

Catching Up On The Home Front

As you might imagine, I was pretty much exhausted last night.  I managed to get my bag unpacked and a bite of dinner on the table.  Other than that, nothing else got done.  Of course, I did spend hours recounting my trip to Gene.
Avalanche Lily at Mt Rainier

After being gone for several days, I had a long “to do” list for today.  In order that we might continue to eat, a run to the grocery was at the top of the list.  Little else got done from that long list of chores. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.
Casa Rio along San Antonio River Walk

Gene wrote his little toilet bowl story and emailed it to several friends before I posted it as yesterday’s blog entry.  Darrell from Wandering America, responded to his email.  I wanted to include his comments regarding gasket cleaning for the benefit of all our RVing friends.  Darrell wrote:

CLR is not the best thing to use in RV systems. We were having the same problem and I called Sealand, maker of the toilet. They have a powdered cleaner that you can purchase at RV and Marine Stores, but, after some discussion, the rep told me about Bartender's Friend which you can buy at Walmart.  A weekly cleaning with that has kept the gasket from gumming up ever since (which was the summer of 2007).  You can find it in the cleaners isle, generally on the bottom shelf near the comet cleanser.

Thanks, Darrell.  That information will be useful to us in the future and I’m sure to others, as well.
Crater Lake, Oregon

I’m still dragging around with little energy and not much ambition tonight.  I’m thinking of trotting off to bed real soon, so this is going to be it for today.  Thanks for tagging along.

BTW, the photos have nothing to do with tonight's story.  They're just some of my favorites taken in 2009.


  1. 2009 was obviously a good year for you. :) I especially like the Crater Lake shot.

  2. Hope you get a good night's rest. Sorry we didn't make it up to see you and Gene today...hopefully we can cross paths soon.

  3. love the Crater Lake shot! that is one place that I really want to see!!!..oh and welcome back home!!..I for one loved the toilet cleaning story!..very creative!!

  4. Oops, I goofed - It's Barkeeper's Friend, not Bartender's Friend. Same idea, wrong name. Everything else stays the same.

    Love your new blog. Great job, Judi.