Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yellowstone RV Park

I still felt I was a little behind and wanted to get this posted before we left to go into the park.

We have enjoyed our overnight stay at Yellowstone RV Park.  This is a very small park with about 30-35 sites; most back-ins with some pull-thrus.  Our site is a back-in overlooking the Yellowstone River.  The river is still about 15 feet below us.

The park is very well maintained.  The laundry is clean and has ample washers and dryers for the number of sites.  The interior roads are gravel as well as the parking pads.  A small grassy area separates the sites and each has a picnic table.

There is cable TV and free WiFi.  The WiFi only reaches about half the campsites, however, we are in the unlucky half and are still able to get a signal sufficient to post the blog including photos.

There were plenty of sites open when we came in yesterday morning, but they almost filled up over the course of the afternoon.  When we checked in, the manager mentioned that they would be full this weekend.  Many of the guests are seasonal workers and volunteers at the park and are coming in for the summer.

When we were getting settled in, we noticed a lot of “droppings” around.  Late in the afternoon along came the mule deer.  They started at one end of the park and worked their way to the other grazing at just about every site.

I think I already mentioned the bison which was making himself at home in the grocery parking lot.  That photo is also included today.

We are moving this morning over to Mammoth Hot Springs campground inside Yellowstone.  The weather forecast has been revised and the warmer temperatures are not expected now until tomorrow.  Maybe we won’t freeze tonight with a low of 24 degrees.

Now, I think I’m finally caught up to the present.  Thanks for tagging along.

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