Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fort Nelson, British Columbia

We had a beautiful driving day today.  The sun struggled to break through the clouds this morning, but it came out victorious and we had beautiful blue skies for our 235 mile drive to Fort Nelson.

For the most part, the road surface was good.  There were a few areas that were very rough, but there were signs warning us to slow down.  The seventy-five miles south of Fort Nelson all the way into town was in excellent condition.  We were able to maintain a speed of about 60 mph.

We drove probably 50 miles this morning before we finally got away from the small towns and populated areas north of Fort St. John.  After that, it was miles and miles of nothing but trees.  In this wilderness we are seeing much more wildlife.  To me, that’s really exciting.

Once again, we have mountains to our west--the northern Rockies.  In a couple days, we turn more westward and we’ll be up close and personal with the snow again.  For now, we’re enjoying the leaves on the trees.

Tonight, we’re at Triple “G” Hideaway which used to be called West End Campground.  We especially wanted WiFi so they put us right up front across from the office.  It’s very convenient for the internet inside our rig, but the prettier section of the campground is farther back away from the front.  The interior roads and parking pads are gravel.  There are both back-in and pull-thru sites.  There are lots of trees and not any snow.  The owners have placed pots of flowers about making it very attractive.  This is a full service campground.  We have full hookups plus cable TV and WiFi. The campground fee for all these services is $36/night. Over our budget, but in line with what all the other commercial campgrounds are charging.  When we want electricity, we’re gonna have to pay. Because our hot water heater is still not working, we had to use the campground showers which were not free.  I remembered having paid for a lot of showers in 2004 when we did this trip in a pop-up camper.

Lumber is big business in Fort Nelson
This is a popular campground and there has been a steady stream of folks coming in ever since we arrived.

A section of the old Alaska Highway
GAS REPORT:  Gas--$5.22 US, Diesel--$4.99.

CRITTER COUNT:  2 deer, 2 moose, 2 caribou, 2 cranes, and 3 black bears.

That’s all for today.  Thanks for tagging along.

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