Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to School

All the little children in the state of New Hampshire get to go back to school today marking the end of the vacation season around here.  I suppose the Labor Day weekend officially marks the end of the season across the nation.  It will make a significant difference in campground availability and a decrease in the number of folks visiting the popular vacation destinations.

Hopefully, the arrival of September will also mean a welcome decrease in the extraordinarily hot temperatures of this summer.  Ironically, today’s forecast for us is the highest it’s been since we got here.  Go figure.

Yesterday, we were busy with chores.  Laundry and grocery--my biggest, most time consuming chores--took most of the day.  We usually try to hike every other day, but with the heat and humidity, we’re going to pass on that activity today.  Gene is contemplating washing and waxing the truck.  I want to work on getting my large library of Appalachian Trail photos organized.

We had a laugh out loud moment yesterday.  As you know, we have our “See All of America the Beautiful” map on the driver side door of the truck.  It’s been there so long we don’t even notice it, but other people do.  It’s not uncommon to approach the truck in a parking lot and see a crowd gathered round.

Yesterday, on the way to the grocery, we pulled up to the window at McDonald’s drive thru.  This was the first window--the one where you pay for food you don’t get until the next window.  The young lady taking the money noticed the map and asked, “have you been to all those countries?”   I’m not sure which was harder--trying not to laugh or keeping the look of shock off our faces.  I sorta chalked that one up to age even though she wasn’t that young--maybe early twenties.

We pulled up to the next window to get our “cups coffee”.  This lady was much older--old enough to get senior coffee herself.  She noticed the map, as well.  Her comment, “Wow, you’ve just about seen the whole world.”  Holy cow!  Makes you sorta question the wisdom of a democratic system of one person, one vote.

That’s it for this morning.  I’m gonna try to get back on my regular schedule of posting in the evening.  We’ll see how the day goes.

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