Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Clean Truck and Putting the AT to Rest

This has been a very productive day.  Gene and I both have gotten big items marked off our “to do” list.

Even though the temperatures were in the mid 80s today, Gene spent most of his day outside washing and polishing the truck.  I don’t know how many weeks that chore has been on his list.  He scrubbed and rubbed and the truck is shining like a new penny.

I spent the day with my photos.  I try my best to organize and label my photos everyday after downloading them to the computer.  Some days I have time and some days I don’t.  It certainly doesn’t take very many skipped days for the task to be monumental.  I got all that up to date except for the last week.

My major project was the Appalachian Trail photos.  Since we have completed our hiking on the AT for this year, I wanted to copy the photos to a flash drive and get them off my computer.  Several weeks ago I had downloaded all our previous AT hiking photos (over the past 20 years) to my computer.  Most of those photos had been paper photographs which I had digitized when we were downsizing.  When they were run through the scanner, most were crooked.  All those photos had to be straightened and cropped, labeled and organized.  I’ve been working on that for several days, but really stuck with it today.

After all day at the computer with breaks only to prepare and eat lunch and dinner, I am happy to say the task is done.  All those photos have been backed up to my external hard drive as well as copied to a flash drive, then deleted from my computer. I feel like I have put the Appalachian Trail to bed and tucked it in.

The weather forecast calls for another hot day tomorrow.  I don’t think we can sit around the house another day, so will probably try to at least get in an exercise walk along the greenway early before the temps soar.  After that, who knows what we’ll find to do.

Well, that was our day.  Pretty boring, but boy, do we feel good about what we got done.

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