Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MOC Luncheon

When we purchased a Montana 5th wheel in 2005 we joined the Montana Owner’s Club, or MOC.  Although Gene was relatively active on the MOC forum, we were never in a position to participate in the monthly luncheons nor were we able to attend a rally.  Today, now that we are no longer Montana owners, we attended the monthly luncheon.
Frank and Sandy
Our friends, Bill and Helen, invited us to accompany them to Orlando for the luncheon today.  It was fun to be with a large group of RVers, many of whom are full-timers, and to put faces with the names we had seen only on the forum.  Not only did we meet a lot of great folks, we also saw a couple we had met originally in Vermont a couple years ago.  We thought their faces looked familiar, but it was Frank and Sandy who remembered we had been parked at the same campground in Vermont.  Running into folks from time to time as we travel about the country is one of the wonderful benefits of this lifestyle.

After lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, Dennis and Judy invited the group to their home to continue our visiting.  Most of the lunch group ended up at Dennis and Judy’s.  This gave us another couple hours to visit, establish friendships, and catch up with those we haven’t seen in a while.  As if we hadn’t had plenty to eat at lunch, we had cake and ice cream to celebrate birthdays.

On our way back to Silver Springs, Bill and Helen gave us a quick tour through a small portion of The Villages.  The 5 o’clock entertainment was just getting underway on the square at Spanish Springs.  We were far beyond eating anything else today and we were far too tired to enjoy the festivities on the square.  We’ll have to go back for the full experience of The Villages another day.

A busy day, but one we thoroughly enjoyed.  Thanks Bill and Helen for inviting us.

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