Friday, February 26, 2010

Change of Plan

Yesterday was a day to regroup and work through the logistics of making a change in our original plans for leaving Silver Springs.  It came about like this.

A couple weeks ago Gene made the comment that something unusual was going on with one of this teeth.  Of course, my advise was to eat on the other side cause we don’t go back to the dentist until November.  Wednesday evening that tooth broke in half so I guess it must be November already.

Seriously, now was the time to decide what to do about getting the tooth fixed.  We both have crowns, so we recognized right away that is what was needed--a time consuming event.  The question became do we stay in Silver Springs, move to our next destination (Savannah), or the next (Macon), or go on back to Nashville to our trusted dentist of the past decade.

Yesterday, Gene got busy with all the things that needed to be done to get this issue resolved.  One look at the weather report for Nashville quickly dropped that possibility off the option list.  We don’t love our dentist that much.  We also quickly dropped Savannah from the list.  We weren’t planning to spend very many days in Savannah and if we had the tooth fixed there, we would miss out on our time with family in Macon.  Well, that narrowed down our options.

The next priority became to find a dentist either here or in Macon.  Gene went to the campground office to see if we could extend here and to get a dentist recommendation.  We also e-mailed my brother and nephews to get recommendations from them.

Extending here was not a problem and when Gene called the dentist the office recommended, he was able to get an appointment.  He was also able to get an appointment with the dentist my brother recommended in Macon.  Time to made a decision--stay here or go on to Macon.  It came down to whether we wanted to stay here where the weather was just a tad warmer or go on to Macon for family and the other things we want to do there.  Since our hitch had already started to itch, we opted for family and a new locale.

We spent the remainder of the day getting organized for an early departure, doing a quick run to Ocala to pick up a few items, deciding how to spend our last two days in this area, canceling reservations in Savannah, and doing the mental exercises required to get your mind around an unexpected event.  That done, all is well.

Gene’s appointment is on Monday, so we will leave Silver Springs Sunday morning, a day earlier than originally planned, we’ll put Savannah on the list for another trip, and we’ll have a nice long visit with family in Middle Georgia.

Today will be a house cleaning and chore day.  Friends, Bill and Helen, are stopping by later this afternoon for one last visit before we all leave central Florida.  So I better get up from here and get busy.
Black Skimmers
By the way, the photo on the Cedar Key entry of shore birds on the beach has now been named.  I thought they were some type of gull, but couldn’t find them in the gull photos I looked at on the internet.  With a little more research, I learned they are black skimmers.  I haven’t done enough research to know if this is a type of gull, but at least they have a name.  I always like to know what’s in the photo.

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