Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Family Reunion

We are back home today after a long weekend with family.  Like most families these days, ours is scattered about the country.  Every few years we try to round everybody up for a long weekend together.  Because of busy schedules I don’t think there has ever been a reunion when everybody was there, but we gather up as many as can come and always have a great time.

Edd, Vera, Betty, Carl

What we are calling family are the direct descendants of Sam and Elizabeth Lancaster.  They had seven children in all; two of whom died in early childhood.  Four of their children are still living.  Two are past 80; one is getting fairly close to 90.  Twenty-one people were at the reunion this weekend.  Four generations were represented.

Anytime there is a family gathering, Edd likes to take charge.  He does a good job so we generally let him say whatever needs to be said.  Taking charge seems to be a family trait so we’re a group not easily led.  He has his work cut out for him on these occasions.

We let the oldest go first.

I don’t recall a single family gathering that didn’t involve food at some point.  We gathered around the table as a large group both Saturday and Sunday evenings.  The meals are primarily potluck with everyone bringing their favorite dish.  We started off Saturday’s meal with Whitt’s BBQ and country ham with the cooks of the family (and we have some very good cooks) supplying the side dishes and desserts.  There’s always way more than we can consume in one meal, though we gave it our best shot.  For Sunday night we got some fried and baked chicken, and added a fresh garden salad to go with all the leftovers from Saturday.

Besides eating too much, we had a wonderful weekend playing, laughing, and visiting with family members we don’t often see.  It was great fun.

That’s all I have for today.  Thanks for tagging along.


  1. nice that you had the opportunity to visit with your extended family!..food fun and family go hand in hand!

  2. Nice pics of your family reunion. I'll bet the food was great and the fun even better.