Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blogger Issues Unresolved

We’ve been busy this week with hiking and regular chores around the house.  In the few spare minutes I’ve had, I’ve tried to figure out the problem with making comments.  Rick over at Rick and Paulette’s RV Travels had a couple of good suggestions, but those didn’t solve the problem.  We all know Rick has the magic touch when it comes to computers, so I’m hoping he’s intrigued enough to come up with another idea.

His first suggestion was to change my browser setting to enable cookies.  That was set to always accept cookies, but I clicked it “never” and then back to always, hoping that would jog something loose.  No luck there.

With cookies in mind, I decided to remove all the cookies.  Then I deleted all my history as well as my cache.  None of that helped.

I also sent an email to Google outlining the problem, but as yet have not had a response from those folks.

His second suggestion was to click off the “remember me” box on the Blogger sign in page.  I never have that box checked.  I always want to sign in whenever entering my account.  I don’t know why, I just do.  Anyway, again, I checked the box, signed in, signed out, then unchecked the box.  The next time I signed in, I was still unable to make comments.

I noticed one thing interesting.  One day this week, I was able to make a comment on a blog.  This particular blogger does not use “embedded” comments.  That gave me the idea of changing my comment setting to something other than “embedded”.  I was able to make a reply to a comment left on my blog, however, it didn’t help when it came to making comments on others’ blogs.  Since nearly everybody uses “embedded” comments, I’m not able to make comments on most of the blogs I read.

So, the search for a solution continues.

That’s all I know.  Thanks for tagging along.


  1. Time to get serious here..... what browser are you using...IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari?

    Just leave the answer here or email me, o.k.

  2. Hi again...just another thought. You mention on this post that you enabled "cookies". Good.

    Did you also mean that you enabled "3rd party cookies" because they are the real issue with this problem - normally! For embedded comments to work properly "3rd party cookies" MUST be enabled.

  3. I am using Safari. I have three options for the question "accept cookies"--always, never, or only from sites I visit. I have "always" selected.

    Thanks, Rick, for your help.

  4. Sorry you are having this problem! I hope Rick is able to zero in on the problem for you guys! Good luck!

  5. Speaking of cookies. It's time for you to start making cookies for me as we plan to stop by Raccoon Valley and visit sometime in late Sep or early Oct. That last batch that you whipped up for me when I was sick (and you all wore surgical masks to visit me in St. Augustine) was absolutely delicious. All this talk about cookies brought back those fine memory and the desire for more.

  6. Hey - Mission Accomplished! Glad to see you are able to comment again.

  7. I used to have the same problem. Mine was resolved this way. When I want to post a comment I choose Google Account. Where you sign in on your google account the little box where it says stay signed in has to be unchecked. I put in my email and password and click on sign in. Just make sure that little box is unchecked. I don't know if this is your issue but it was mine.