Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back In The Mountains Of North Carolina

We had a great weekend with family in Nashville.  As you can imagine, we were extremely busy, but it was worth all the rushing around.

We arrived in Nashville in the early afternoon on Thursday and got parked and set up at the small campground in Joelton.  We stay at that campground often because it is so convenient to Jack and Ansley, but it sure wouldn’t win any prizes for scenic beauty or amenities.  It is just a place to park while we visit with family.

The first thing on our agenda was to visit with my folks.  Seems like our family all lives on the very edge of the county and all in different directions.  From Joelton we made the drive all the way across the county to Franklin.  We had a nice evening with them.  Mother and I opted to cook at home rather than eat out and were glad we made that choice.  It was so much more relaxing.

Friday, we had several banking chores we needed to do while in town as well as some shopping and other errands.  I was able to get a library card and am all set to download ebooks to me reader.  I’m anxious to see how that goes.  I’ve heard there are long waits for library books.  We’ll see what happens with that.

Friday evening we met some of the other family members at one of the Olive Gardens--again across town from Joelton.  We got stuck in afternoon rush hour which brought to mind one of the major reasons why we enjoy being away from big cities.

We were looking forward to a little down time on Saturday morning before going over for our visit with Jack, Ansley, and Kayley.  Our front passenger side tire on the motorhome was a little low and Gene went out to put in some air.  The air compressor would hardly run.  It is several years old so I guess it was just time for a new one.  The search was on and we drove around town all morning looking for the type compressor he wanted.  We finally found what he was looking for at Lowe’s.  So much for our relaxing morning.

Our visit with Jack, Ansley, and Kayley was great.  Kayley had just gotten up from her nap and was in a good mood, eager to play, and talking a blue streak.  One of the first things she wanted to do was show us her new shirt.

We were surely surprised by this and are now anxious for our next grandbaby expected to arrive in early December.

Sunday morning we drove across town to Brentwood to attend church with my mother.  She was excited to be able to stand up with her daughter when they had the mothers stand.  That was probably about the best Mother’s Day gift I could give her.  After church we met my dad for lunch then said our good-byes for this visit.

With pouring down rain in middle Tennessee on Sunday, we decided we’d be better off to wait until Monday to head back to North Carolina.  That was a good decision and our travel day went smoothly.  We did, however, catch up with the rain somewhere near Crossville, but only light showers off and on; nothing to cause any traffic problems.

That’s the highlights of our quick weekend trip to Nashville.  I’ll have to say, I’m happy to be back in the mountains.

Thanks for tagging along.


  1. Have you tried searching Amazon.com for free books to download, you do not need a Kindle, you can download them to a laptop or smart phone. Once or twice a week, I check out their free books and download them. I have a bunch to read now.

    1. Thanks for that good suggestion, Teri. I have not taken the time to do much searching for anything lately. Need to do that.

  2. Missed your posts - glad you are back. Where are you??

  3. another new grandbaby!..how exciting!!!

  4. What a great way to hear about becoming Grandparents again! You have a beautiful granddaughter!

    1. Thanks, Rick. Kayley is a special little girl. I know she's gonna be a wonderful "big sister". Of course, right now all she knows is that she has a new shirt. Doesn't have a clue about why everybody gets so excited about her shirt.