Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back at Fort Nelson

Tuesday, we continued on down the road from Liard River Hot Springs to Fort Nelson.  The farther we get from Whitehorse, the better the road surface becomes.  There are rough spots, of course, but generally the road is in very good condition.

Today’s drive was slow and time consuming, however.  Not because of rough road, but because it was narrow and VERY curvy through the Northern Rockies.  We had one opportunity to wait.  It wasn’t for construction this time, but for mowing along the shoulder.  Only waited about 10 minutes.

We had some beautiful scenery today.  The Northern Rockies are awesome and nestled among the high peaks is Muncho Lake.  At the top of Stone Mountain is Summit Lake.  This lake was still frozen in late May when we passed going the other direction.

Toad River

Our plan had been to drive past Fort Nelson 20 or 30 miles to a pullout somewhere, but a strange thing happened on the way.  About 15 miles north of Fort Nelson, we passed the junction of Liard Trail which leads to Fort Liard, Northwest Territory.  That caught my eye and I started flipping pages in the Milepost to see what kind of road we were talking about and how far it was.  It turned out to be a some paved/some gravel road and only about 130 miles.  Very uncharacteristic of us, we immediately decided we could do that as a day trip.

Muncho Lake

With a new plan formulating in our minds, we stopped for the night at Triple “G” Hideout Campground in Fort Nelson.  We were here in May.  It’s a nice campground and for $33 we have full hook-ups including cable TV and free WiFi.  We signed up for two nights.  We went on our adventure to Northwest Territories today.  That story tomorrow.

Summit Lake

GAS REPORT:  We filled up the motor home at Toad River Lodge.  We expected the fuel to be more expensive in British Columbia and it was.  $5.98 for gas and $6.13 for diesel.  By the way, these prices are what we actually have to pay in US dollars; I include the latest conversion rate I have.

CRITTER COUNT:  Not so many bear today--we only saw 2.  The caribou were out, however.  We saw 5.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for tagging along.

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