Friday, September 28, 2012

On To Other Things

Today marks our third month anniversary of moving out of an RV and into our new home.  I think we’ve settled in pretty well.  We’ve furnished our home with almost everything we need to be comfortable.  We’ve gotten acquainted with folks in a couple different hiking clubs.  We’ve placed our membership at the local church.  We know several of our neighbors and have had guests over for dinner a couple times.  We can drive without thinking about every turn to Lowe’s, the grocery, and Wal-mart.  Gene’s even been to see his new doctor.  We don’t feel so much like we’re new to the community any more.

With all this connectedness, we find we’re busier, and happier, than we’ve been in a couple of years.  Not that the full-time RV lifestyle was not a joy--it certainly was, but we missed being involved in a community.  We are definitely involved now.  Involved with our neighbors, involved with hiking, involved with church, involved with daily life.

Not only are we busier with community connections, we have started to get back into some of our old habits which we put aside while on the road.  Gene makes frequent visits to the local library now.  He’s catching up on old hiking periodicals and has checked out several hiking and backpacking books.  He’s also delved into the history of Maryville and Townsend area.  I’ve gotten back into my cooking and have spent countless joyful hours in the kitchen.  You already know we are spending much more time on the trail than would be considered normal.  Some might even say we’re among the lunatic fringe.

With all these other things going on in our lives, I think it’s time to give the blog a rest.  I’ve struggled with this decision.  Blogging has been fun and I’ve enjoyed sharing with you the places we’ve gone and the things we’ve seen.  To be truthful, it requires more time than I want to give it right now.  Perhaps I’ll pick it up again when we’re back on the road for our summer trip.

So, until another time--happy trails and safe travels.


  1. It sounds like you are truly happy. That is what is important. I've enjoyed hiking along with the two of you. Thanks! :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing so many trails with us. Like Judy and Emma, we've enjoyed hiking along with you, too! Best wishes to you both in your wonderful new community. We passed through there a couple of years ago and know how beautiful it is. Enjoy!!

  3. You will truely be missed. Thank you for making my day more interesting on the trails. God Speed to u both.

  4. Put me on the list of folks who will miss your posts. But we will be looking forward to your summer exploits!

  5. We've enjoyed "tagging along" with you and will miss all the pictures from along the mountain side. Thanks for sharing your lives with us and we'll be looking forward to your occasional posts in the future. Hope to see you again real soon so, in the meantime, May God Bless - - - - -

  6. As we enter new phases of life, our needs and wants change. Good for you for recognizing that! We'll miss hearing from you on a regular basis, but know that we'll see you again, someday, down the road . . .

  7. It's been great tagging along on your hikes through the Great Smokey Mountain trails, I've enjoyed it.

    I'll be leaving your blog on my sidebar in the event you ever get the urge to post again.

    All the best.

  8. We have enjoyed tagging along with you and Gene on the trails you have hiked and the great pics you have taken. We are so happy for you guys in this new chapter of you lives and it sounds as though you truly have the best of both worlds. Life changes and you have blended well with those changes...we are happy for you. We hope to get up that way and visit with ya'll in the near future. Take care and may God truly bless you both.

  9. Enjoy your new home and have a great winter.

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  11. Hi Gene and Judi,
    I am currently working and saving to spend my life on trails after I retire. I am surely getting some inspiration from your post. I am currently Trekking Himalaya from past 2 years and looking forward to spend my last phase of life in mountains.

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